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Well Good morning guys

We are parked on I-81 in the state of Virginia. Freeway is completely stopped. It is kind of odd. The traffic going the other way is going full speed. We have had breakfast, read most of our e-mails, brushed the dog, etc. I was going to call the office awhile ago but realized we are in eastern time zone and you guys weren’t in yet. That is kind of a strange feeling, since we have been up since 6:30 this morning 4 ½ hours ago and the West Coast hasn’t started work yet.  Also kind of strange to see people walking up and down the freeway.

I just heard  from one of  the folks in our group that is ahead of us, that this freeway stoppage may have something to do with them decorating an overpass for the upcoming memorial day parade or something.  

Here we go!!!!!

I thought you would enjoy this early morning story from where’s Waldo. Have a great day


Bob Clapper President, traveling through to Washington DC

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